Marginal Aviation

A Stand-Alone, Independent, Antique Airplane Organization Based out of Minnesota with Members Across the U.S.

A Note

From Management

Now entering our 6th decade in existence as a not-for-profit organization, with zero compensated leaders or members, the Marginal Aviation credo has maintained its simplicity throughout; Fun, flying, restoring and passing along the knowledge to preserve antique airplanes, more fun. 

Throughout our existence, we have always had a cult-like following. But now, with an ever-changing landscape, we realize that it is important to not only maintain the base of those that are enthusiastic about old airplanes, but grow it and bring new people to the genre. Now that we are a stand-alone, independent, antique airplane organization, our goals are simple; Grow nationwide to support the like-minded people and organizations that focus on antiques and ensure their future viability, while still having fun doing it.

We hope you’ll join us.

More than A Membership

Our members are a tight-knit group where the love for antiques binds us as family. We attend aviation events of all kinds and we don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or needed advice. Being a Marginal member isn’t just another affiliation, it’s a way of aviation. 

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First Ditch

First Ditch is our signature, annual fly-in hosted at Le Sueur Municipal Airport every first weekend in June.
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As a nonprofit without annual membership fees, we are fully supported by donations and the proceeds from our comfy shirts and branded gear.
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We Love Antique Aviation


In addition to First Ditch (our signature, annual, members-only fly-in) it’s not rare to find us supporting aviation related events across the country. 

See for yourself

Press play to check out our montage of recent events, extra curricular activities, and the airplanes and members of Marginal Aviation – as seen through the eyes of management.

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How We Became Marginal

During the early 1970s in a hangar in Lydia, MN, a small but growing group of local enthusiast misfits were becoming rather prolific at building and repairing airplanes. It was there that Marginal would be born.

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A special thank you

to everyone who has helped capture the spirit and memories of Marginal Aviation to be able to share here online.

Geri Mages (airplane illustrations)
William Pearce (photo)
Connor Madison (photo)
Dave Swartz (photo)
Tori Deatherage (photo and video)
Vaughn Lovley (photo and video)
Forrest Lovley (photo and video)
Linda Lovley (photo and video)
Megan Vandervoort (photo)
Nigel Hitchman (photo)
Scott McKinley (photo and video)
Debra Wilbright (video)
Shannon Frost (video)
Kim Claypool (video)
Ryan Harter (photo)
Roger Cain (photo)
EAA Staff Photography (photo)

…And many, many more!!

The Marginal Aviation Credo:

Fun, flying, restoring and passing along the knowledge to preserve antique airplanes. And more fun.

Wanna know more?

Pull up a folding chair, we are happy to share.